Gentera Data Processing Engine

GDPE was developed by Gentera Biotechnology in 2015. Clinicians, molecular biologists, computer engineers and statisticians took part in developing process. GDPE operates bioinformatic analyses of NGS raw data as full automated.

This system is designed for institutions providing routine genetic diagnosis by taking into account fast solution, minimum error and maximum data security. GDPE is compatible with Illumina, Roche and Ion Torrent NGS platforms. 

Working Method

GDPE works as “Client Server” logic. Access to the server is granted through a Windows-based computer. The program, which can be run with this permission, guides the user in data analysis. The raw sample data from the device and the Sample Sheet file from the laboratory records are copied into the folders created automatically by the program on the Windows-based computer. Data analysis is completed by following the guidelines on the program. By the program, the analysis output is copied onto the Windows computer and the data on the server is deleted. This program, which can be installed on the desired number of users' computers, is suitable for team work.


System features

  1. Linux based operating system

  2. Access via Windows

  3. The desired number of users

  4. User-friendly program interface that nullifies human error

  5. Automation of data transfer operations

  6. The raw data from the device (Bcl), fastq, sam, bam and vcf data transformations

  7. Data visualization

  8. Annotation of the variations obtained in the vcf file with dbSNP and ClinVar databases

  9. Mutation evaluations with SIFT, PolyPhen and MutationTaster algorithms

  10. Allele frequency assignment from 1000 Genomes, ExAC, ESP6500 databases

  11. Results in average 3 hours in amplicon sequencing and 16 hours in exome sequencing

  12. Backup from software and hardware failures and crashes